The Best Yoga Meditation Retreats in India

Best Yoga Retreats India

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Yoga in India is 5000 years old ancient practice; birthplace of yoga and time & again made popular in the West. It is a new wave of lifestyle that has proven to be effective and enable a person to revitalise and rejuvenate. Yoga retreats in India, preferably based on meditation focuses on improving and working on your well being, fitness, diet and holistic treatments. Apart from the asanas, physical postures – you also practice meditation, breathing, cleansing, mantra chanting, philosophy of life and community service, which is a part of karma yoga. 

All in all, this is not just another holiday but a chance to kickstart your life – with a healthy and sound mind, body and soul. You start your life with a much needed fresh perspective and an open mind.  In this day and age, remember, the kind of stress we encounter on a day-to-day basis, it becomes imperative that we focus on other things in life too. Take a step back and just relax. Calm is the new superpower. 

It is true that there are thousands of best yoga retreats India to choose from but we have made this task a little easier for you. From North to South and East to West, we bring to you the best yoga retreats India has to offer.

Once you have chosen the best yoga retreat for yourself, give Indiaologist, your trusted India holiday travel agent a call or drop us a text. Our holiday experts will get in touch with you with the best affordable yoga retreat. We have many affordable yoga retreats options that you can choose from. 

So here they go: 

Best yoga retreats India – North 

1. Ananda

Why? If someone asks us where to go for the best yoga retreat in India, then the first name that would come to our mind will be Ananda. The location is an escape to the foothills of the mighty Himalayas and best for people of all ages. From a spa holiday, luxury spa treatments to meditation classes, aromatherapy massages and yoga sessions, Ananda is one-stop for all the best yoga retreats.  

Best yoga retreats India Phool Chatti Ashram Uttaranchal

Location: Uttaranchal, Himalayas
When to go: Year-round except December and January
Popular Yoga therapies: Luxury spa treatments, aromatherapy massage, personalised yoga classes

2. Phool Chatti

Why? The ashram is 100 years old and known for its ecstatic location in Rishikesh – banks of the river Ganges, 5km upriver from Rishikesh’s famous Laxman Jhula. This is one of the best yoga retreats in India 

Best yoga retreats India Phool Chatti

Location: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
When to go: February to May and September to December
Popular Yoga therapies: 7-day yoga retreats that include your meals and stay

3. Tushita Meditation Centre

Why? The quiet serene environment of this Buddhist Meditation Centre is nothing less than an extraordinary experience that one should take in a lifetime. Based on the Tibetan Mahayana tradition of Buddhism, the centre welcomes people of all cultures and provide a roadmap to meditation.

tushita meditation centre dharamsala

Location: Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala
When to go: any time of the year except for January
Popular Yoga therapies: 10-day silent retreat course as an ‘Induction to Buddhism’ plus they also have drop-in meditation programs.

Best yoga retreats India – South

1. One Reality Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

Why? This yoga retreat is best suited for beginners who want to have a hands-on experience of a holistic, yogic lifestyle. Since the location is Kerala, you can imagine the kind of lush green, flora and fauna that we are talking about.

one reality yoga & ayurveda retreat kochi kerala

Location: Kochi, Kerala
When to go: Year-round except for the month of May
Popular Yoga therapies: Six-day retreat that includes cooking classes, Ayurvedic massages, daily yoga sessions and consultations. 

2. SwaSwara Yoga 

Why? Goa is just not your party destination but the beaches and people offer more than what you can ever imagine. Take a walk from the Om beach, and you will find SwaSwara, one of the best yoga retreats in India known for its holistic practice of yoga. They also recommend personal diets and conduct intensive yoga workshops. 

Best yoga retreats India SwaSwara Yoga Gokarna

Location: Gokarna
When to go: any time of the year
Popular Yoga therapies: Ayurveda spa holiday, Ayurveda Abhyanga spa massages. 

3. Yoga Magic Retreat 

Why? When you go to Goa, stay at YogaMagic Resort that is an eco-eco-villa resort that offers daily yoga classes under the tranquil green environs.

Best yoga retreats India Yoga Magic Retreat Goa

Location: Anjuna, Goa
When to go: Year Round
Popular Yoga therapies: Marma massage, hatha yoga, yin yoga 

Best yoga retreats India – West

1. Osho Meditation Resort 

Why? We have mentioned the Osho Meditation Centre for the curious ones. Pune is home to Osho Meditation Centre. One of the most unusual and offbeat meditation centres in India, Osho Meditation Centre is a must visit for people who are looking away to dance their worries off.

Best yoga retreats India Osho Meditation Resort

Location: Pune
When to go: any time of the year
Popular Yoga therapies: Offbeat – Kundalini meditation

2. Atmantan Yoga

Why? Now, if you are in Mumbai and want to escape the hustle of the city, head to Atmantan’s best yoga retreat holiday because first, you will fall in love with the location. The centre is based in the Sahyadri Mountain Range and offers an ideal de-stress holiday. 

Best yoga retreats India Atmantan Yoga

Location: Mumbai
When to go: any time of the year
Popular Yoga therapies: Personal yoga sessions teams with training; therapies like Abhyanga, Aromatherapy

What we prefer the most is just book flights to India and once you are there, you have a wonderful conundrum of sounds, visuals, greens, architecture, traditions, culture and gastronomical delight that you can yourself be the master. While you can do yoga by the Taj Mahal, cook with an Indian family, look for wildlife everywhere and get acquainted with the best of arts and culture in various states. In a way, you are meditating. Withdraw from the regular. Also, pack just your usual travel essentials, yoga clothes, mat and good walking shoes. 

However, we suggest that you pick any of these best yoga retreats India. It could be one of the turning point of your lives that you were waiting for so long. Rewind, Revive, Travel, and Reboot. Give our travel experts a call now.

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